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TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Fight Scene Trailer (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD
11 Aug 2019 407.316 views 4.572 likes
Author: FilmSpot Trailer
Nathaniel Lalusin Nathaniel Lalusin 3 months ago i thought arnold became t-1000???
fantasy Steampunk fantasy Steampunk 3 months ago Τα έχουν γαμησ.... Όλα... Τα σκηνικά του μέλλοντος της πρώτης δεύτερης και τρίτης ταινίας ήταν τέλεια... Από το 3 και μετά... Όλα ήταν η καταστροφή του εξολοθρευτή...
Jason Lee Trater Jason Lee Trater 3 months ago Just realized, since Skynet was never built and another A.I./Corporation is building the robots, where is Kyle Reese since the war never happened?
Nathan McDonald Nathan McDonald 4 months ago James Cameron can't be trusted anymore, he acted like Terminator 3 and Terminator Genisys was Oscar material, now he's saying the same thing about this one. I bet hollywood's just fronting him a little cash to ''hype'' these movies up, we all know his real interests lye in making nine more Avatar movies. Like don't get me wrong, I'm huge fan of T1 & T2 but its basically just been a downhill roller coaster from there, I know this is unpopular opinion but I was mostly okay with Salvation, and the Sarah Conner Chronicles weren't terrible either, But T3, and Genisys were just sooooo bleeehhhh.
CARMEN PERALES CARMEN PERALES 4 months ago Lástima que linda no hizo más películas así !! Es una dura!!!
monstercat871 Leon monstercat871 Leon 4 months ago 0:47 WHAT ARE THOSE
Ginger Grant Ginger Grant 4 months ago the 3rd one was the best one with the terminatrix
Roborav Roborav 4 months ago This film already smells of Dark Turd 💩
anonymous anonymous 4 months ago Katty perry
Dillon Gaddis Dillon Gaddis 4 months ago Wait, r they tryna change John Connor being the dude who saves the future? I'm confused, hope that's not the case
Atomic Scarecrow Atomic Scarecrow 4 months ago Sarah Connor sounds so badass when she curses.
Nico García Nico García 4 months ago What's the song?
third eye order third eye order 4 months ago If it wasnt for the other 3 films the anticipation would be super high for this movie but now it has to pull the entire franchise out the hole by itself and prove itself
James sickmore James sickmore 4 months ago Terminator 6 Return of the illegals. Or Terminator 6 Sarah Connor Dark ICE.
Mark H Mark H 4 months ago I'm betting big this is going flop
Marco Danili Marco Danili 4 months ago 1:25 I remember this guy! He was also in the trailer of Terminator Genesis! He said Terminator Genesis is a great movie, the right successor of T1 and T2. I think he should look for a serious job and stop promoting stupid Terminator rip off movies
ANGELO MATTOS ANGELO MATTOS 4 months ago Linda Hamilton tá top em, vai arrebentar
Lord Shadowz Lord Shadowz 4 months ago Spoilers..................... lm serious. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read a huge plot point. John Connor dies in the first few minutes of the film. Sky net is dead. All hail Legion.
Iron Man Iron Man 4 months ago Looks good. I hope it really is as the franchise hasnt enjoyed much success since T2 IMHO. Its falling into the realms of Police Academy and Fast and Furious (ie. never do quantity over quality). Less is more, but this franchise is past that now. Cant beat T1 and T2.
Ramír Delgado actor Ramír Delgado actor 4 months ago Not thrilled. T2 still wins by far.