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THE DARK RED Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie
12 Aug 2019 241.270 views 2.294 likes
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THE DARK RED Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.

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ShawBrothersGirl ShawBrothersGirl 2 weeks ago YOU KNOW IF YOU GUYS DON'T LIKE A MOVIE THAT'S FINE *BUT* FOR YOU TO SUGGEST TO OTHERS NOT TO WATCH A MOVIE BECAUSE YOU THINK IT'S LAME IS STUPID everybody is not the same just like most black people don't like Trump doesn't mean I as a black woman won't like Trump either that stupid I For one Love Trump so stop trying to control people's lives whether it's with a movie or political or whatever
Villian Everyman Villian Everyman 2 weeks ago Wake up! Why don't you put on a little makeup?
Gamze Çetin Gamze Çetin 3 weeks ago Dizimi bu
Mood Forever Mood Forever A month ago ... what ?
Jeremy Frost Jeremy Frost A month ago These people need to speak up. You're actors! PROJECT.
Carrie B. Carrie B. A month ago I was eight once pregnant twice so this means a lot to me you go girl wow
Adventures of Grimmgoogles Adventures of Grimmgoogles 2 months ago Someone please tell me the whole plot of this movie. Give me details.
Brooke Cook Brooke Cook 2 months ago My guess is the "Birth" mother died from drugs overdose. I get this from the clip where the baby is in the drawer and there is a dead body on the bed. Sybil gets "possessed" by dead mom and goes out for revenge against the police or CPS that took her baby not understanding that she is dead and possessing someone. If someone sees this movie let me know if I was even close please....
killeing killeing 2 months ago Spoiler alert- she had something to do with her dead baby. The end. I just saved everyone $8.50 or $5 on Tuesdays.
Roblox master 724 Roblox master 724 2 months ago I was all for it..until she got out thw car looking like tomb raider
iesmoore iesmoore 2 months ago This looks corny 🥴
keluarga fian pian keluarga fian pian 2 months ago Film opo Iki?
Paul L. Munoz Paul L. Munoz 3 months ago strange trailer
Ghalib Jan Ghalib Jan 3 months ago Omg it's 12:40 am and I'm watching this😭
Parrisss J. Parrisss J. 3 months ago I'm so confused 🤔😬🥴🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️.........
Ellen Smith Ellen Smith 3 months ago It's a good film. I think it could have gone further with the plot but I liked the plot. The lead actress was really good, I enjoyed watching her. It's not the strongest film of this genre but I really enjoyed it. Also I wish the violence was more brutal but that's probably just me.
Tara Monique' Tara Monique' 3 months ago I could have done without that thumbnail
MrSausagess MrSausagess 3 months ago T U R D God movies these days are dog dirt.
Bazil Bazil 3 months ago This looks incredibly boring.
cocorosie1977 cocorosie1977 3 months ago The part where she kills those people reminds me of Martyrs