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मैं हूँ तेरा भाई l A short movie l Rakshabandhan l Independence day l Tribute to Indian Army
13 Aug 2019 2.297 views 334 likes
Author: Alfazo Ki Thadi

#maihuterabhai #rakhshabandhan #independenceday #indianarmy

राखी के संग खत में भेजी अब वो अमर अमिट है स्याही ,

बस अब इन आँखों में आँसू ना हो,

|| मैं हूँ तेरा भाई ||

Today we are living free in a peaceful environment because our brothers sacrificed their lives serving the nation in the army .

"Salute to the Indian army & Their families"

Credits -

Director - Kaushik Shukla

Cast - Kaushik Shukla

Amina Najmi

Yashraj Sen

Hashim Ali

Rakesh Sharma

Heena (S.D.)

Angel Sukhwani

Kavish Verma

Kelvin Prince

Cinematographer - Rakesh Sharma Studio

Post Production - Yogesh Mali

Digital marketed and rendered by - Digital Indian Lab

Digital Marketer - Toshal Pandya

Special Thanks -

Mini mam ( SADA )

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