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ARE WE DEAD YET? Official Trailer (2019) Horror, Comedy Movie
12 Aug 2019 45.875 views 398 likes
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ARE WE DEAD YET? Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.

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Littleyammy Littleyammy 2 months ago I’ll only watch it for Jessica Jane dam she’s still fire I remember her growing up as a kid on the real hustle
OKUDA OKUDA 4 months ago ok
ஓம் இளையகாமன் போற்றி ஓம் இளையகாமன் போற்றி 4 months ago 😱
I could be evil I could be evil 4 months ago This looks abysmal.
Alex Craw Alex Craw 4 months ago This will be total shit lol but man likes hakz will be the only reason I watch it
Jeannette Burgess Jeannette Burgess 4 months ago So bad it looks good.. Very tongue in cheek...I'm in!!
Gorey Bits Gorey Bits 4 months ago Judging from the title I thought this was going to star Ice Cube
Yootub Apesta Yootub Apesta 4 months ago Guess they forgot the, "comedy" part, it horror-comedy. It happens.
Bubb Stubbley Bubb Stubbley 4 months ago Whats with all these straight to video pieces of crap...
alexi864 alexi864 4 months ago Omg another trash mvoie..booringggg
Angel Sanchez Angel Sanchez 4 months ago All these shit movies coming out
Oills YT Oills YT 4 months ago Whats that?😧
GCT/10/31/1990 26 GCT/10/31/1990 26 4 months ago "I'm the black guy I've seen how this plays out"
Sir Cliff Sir Cliff 4 months ago looks shit
Batman Pop's Batman Pop's 4 months ago LoL at the title Dead...👀💀🤣
Mark Pendragon Mark Pendragon 4 months ago Interesting. I think a couple of poor quality shots are more likely poor trailer editing, than bad production values in the film itself, so it leaves me wanting to see this one. Although a higher budget film would have reshot the scenes for the trailer. But no biggie.
Who Knew 22 Who Knew 22 4 months ago This looks like it been made for about Twenty nicker lol
jovayutube jovayutube 4 months ago "I'm the black guy. I've seen how this movie ends"- Black guy character. VERY FUNNY! Do movies still do that? The black kid in Rim Of The World survived, didn't he?
Elron Charles Elron Charles 4 months ago Boring asf
slammin sam the mighty man Page slammin sam the mighty man Page 4 months ago Well this looks like shit