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LITTLE WOMEN Official Trailer (2019) Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan Movie
14 Aug 2019 442.321 views 5.975 likes
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LITTLE WOMEN Official Trailer Movie in theatre December 2019.

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creepy Prinkey creepy Prinkey Yesterday Any other 15 year olds who love the old book
megan hayes megan hayes 2 days ago I just came for Emma Watson and love her names meg I'm megan
Leo Racicot Leo Racicot 3 days ago It's a wonderful book and this looks good but -- there have been about 87 adaptations and I don't think we need another.
fallon hunt fallon hunt 3 days ago I smell Oscar nominations
Jaden N. Hernandez Jaden N. Hernandez 5 days ago this movie looks good and i mean REALLY good but i have a very dirty feeling that this might have feminist fuel in it or feminists trying to change this movie
Nicole Llopis Nicole Llopis 5 days ago I watched the premiere last night. I can not even describe how amazing the movie was. it was a perfect mix of romance, feminism, comedy, tragedy. although it was pretty long, I was not even bored for 1 minute of the movie. everyone go watch it!
Satyendra Singh Satyendra Singh 5 days ago Classic!
duane jessup duane jessup A week ago The King and the wrestler chick who is actually sisters with black widow, should be good.
Olivia Olivia A week ago I literally love Saoirse Ronan and I'm not even sure why but anything she's on I just have to watch.
Elise Graziano Elise Graziano A week ago Where's Natalie dormer!
Melissa Rose Melissa Rose 2 weeks ago So i take it its a modern twist on the original? Looks good!
Grace Grace 2 weeks ago What song is playing in the trailer
venus4100 venus4100 2 weeks ago I dunno it looks good. But no way it will be better then the 90’s little women. The actresses were just all power houses. All of them.
Ivy Grover Ivy Grover 2 weeks ago Me: Ok, this looks good... Me:*sees Timothee Chalamet* Me: WHERE CAN I BUY THIS MOVIE
Nikkie J. Nikkie J. 2 weeks ago I haven't watched the other movies. I think I read the book but I don't remember. But this looks so good especially the cast.
Alisha Mashburn Alisha Mashburn 2 weeks ago I hope they realize that Jo falls in love in the end. I hope they don’t leave that out!
Account Account 2 weeks ago 👏👏👏👏👏💗
The Raccoon The Raccoon 2 weeks ago Somehow I can’t see this outdoing the character building and chemistry in the 1994 version
saucyminx saucyminx 2 weeks ago How little are they?
karuna kaur karuna kaur 2 weeks ago Emma looks absolutely stunning